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Valued Clients & Testimonials:

When you've been in business for as long as we have, you start to truly want to help customers get as much money for their home as possible & help them out of their current distressed situation. This has been our core focus & vision since the beginning. And it's all thanks to over 100,000 Clients we've been fortunate enough to work with over the years. Here's just a few customers & what they had to say...

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I have lived in my home for over 15 years & it needed much repairs. I told Hometown Buyers Club exactly what needed to be done. The a/c was broken. The house needed to be painted. Kitchen cabinets were a wreck. Appliances were old & didn't work that great. I had to be honest. Much to my surprise, I was able to get $20,000 above & beyond what I owed on the mortgage. Couldn't be happier. Thank god this company exists. Here is pic that I took once I got my offer!!

Tina Anderson


I want to start out by saying, I recently lost one of my parents so this is the main reason I was forced to sell my moms house. I was looking after the home for months until I decided to sell it. The upkeep was just too much work with my existing job & kids that I have. I stumbled across this company: Hometown BuyersClub & they are awesome! They were able to help me close within 3 weeks & I did get TOP dollar as they say.
Thanks so much & god bless.

Michelle Foster

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Sometimes making that decision to let go of a home can be mentally exhausting when you're as old as I am. The house needed a lot of repairs which I really didn't have the funds to dump into it so I decided to sell. I gave this company a shot & boy was I surprised with the outcome. They seemed to really understand my exact situation & went above & beyond to exceed my expectations. I was able to negotiate a fair price considering the repairs that needed to be done & closed in a month. Very professional. Thanks guys.

Lenny Lefkowitz

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Hello. I wanted to say a few nice things about this company that helped me sell my home. This house was flooded from the hurricane & was approx 80% restored but still needed a lot of work. I was just exhausted in the whole rehab project so I thought I would give this company a shot to give me a fair deal. They gave me exactly what I wanted for the house & was a WIN-WIN situation for everybody. Very happy & would definitely use them again in the future.

Keep up the great work helping people in stressful times.

Shiela Edwards

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Its nice to know that there are real companies out there who care about your well being. I thought they were going to low ball me with an insulting offer but instead they offered me more then the number I was thinking. I was able to sell my home & invest the funds into another home where I relocated. Quick, painless & easy. We got it done in less then a month. Extremely reputable & would highly recommend. AAA ++++++++

Jason Milligan

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This company is on the ball. Suffice it to say, they moved quickly. The agent I spoke with was extremely customer service focused on the sale of my home as it had tremendous sentimental value & I almost did not want to sell. They made me a fair cash offer without any adjustments by the closing date. Everything went accordingly to plan & closed when we were supposed to. It's hard to express in words how well I was treated. Overall, just a great experience.

Jonathan Esserton

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